Xifra Lifestyle review is collected after a lot of effort and we finally concluded that the traders should not invest with Xifra Lifestyle broker since their investments may not be safe with Xifra Lifestyle . 

The main motive of Scam Victims Help is to identify the scam brokers in the market and let the traders know about their scam activities. We warn traders to stay away from scam brokers if they want to keep their hard-earned money safe from scams.

Broker Website – https://xifraglobal.com/

Headquarters or Area of Operation – NA

Warnings – Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain)

When was the Xifra Lifestyle website domain set up?

Domain Namexifraglobal.com
Date RegisteredAugust 30, 2021
Domain Age1 year, 28 days, 3 hours, 36 minutes, 22 seconds

Xifra Lifestyle Review: Introduction

Xifra Lifestyle is an online investment company that claims to be located in Mexico, and the website of the company is found at https://xifraglobal.com/. They also claim that they improve people’s life by offering technical tools and financial education which creates the potential to advance financially and professionally. Xifra Lifestyle pretends to be a legit and reliable broker, but the lack of information like contact email, contact address, regulated license, and legal documents on their website clearly indicates that this platform is not safe for investment, and they are possibly a scam broker. Read a complete Xifra Lifestyle Review to know more about this broker.


Having a regulated license is a must for a broker because, without a regulated license, a broker is not legit for providing financial services. Check the websites of the authorities if you’re looking for a broker for trading because typically, governments provide all the information about licensed brokers there. Xifra Lifestyle is not regulated by any regulatory authorities and also got a warning from the regulatory of Spain – ComisiónNacionaldel Mercado de Valores (CNMV). This warning shows that Xifra Lifestyle is providing trading services without any regulated license, and it’s a high possibility that they are a scam broker.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

Finding a trustworthy broker is made easier by reading customer feedback. On other websites, Xifra Lifestyle received unfavorable comments and low ratings. After reading this review and all the positive and negative Xifra Lifestyle review, we concluded that this broker might be a scam. A list of scam brokers 2022 is provided by the Scam Victims Help community, which can assist you in avoiding such brokers. 

How does the Xifra Lifestyle scam work?

Scam brokers will approach investors through social media or online ads and ask them to make an initial deposit in exchange for a guarantee that they will increase the initial investment. Once you have invested money with them, they continue to demand more cash. With fraudulent brokers, you are unable to withdraw your money, and if you attempt to contact them for fund recovery, they want further payment. But nothing will be back from them, or you will lose more money with them. Always check the cryptocurrency scam list before investing money in an online trading platform. 

What to do when you were scammed?

If you are a victim of a scam, immediately change all your financial passwords to ensure the scam brokers cannot take more amounts from your account. The next step is to uninstall any remote access software that the scam brokers insist you access your PC, claiming it is important so they could help you. The truth is that they simply needed access to your banking system.

Xifra Lifestyle Review: Conclusion

If you are a victim of a cryptocurrency scam, forex scam, investment scam, romance scam, or any other online scam, fill out a complaint form on the Scam Victims Help website. Our experts will provide you a free consultation, and we will guide you in the process of fund recovery. Precaution is better than cure. Before investing, stay alert and read reviews on different channels; after all, it is your hard-earned money.

Victims of forex scams, cryptocurrency scams, binary scams, pet scams, dating/romance scams, or any number of scams should raise their voices and get their funds recovered. This will not only help them but all the victims who are struggling to get their deposits back. Apart from this, it will also help other people to be alert to such scammers and scams.

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