Romance Scams

Romance Scams

Online dating sites became a new way for people to find their soulmates. Whether it’s matching your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. with a prospective match or just plain old swiping left and right till you meet the one you really like, the online dating platforms have gained a large momentum, especially amongst the youngsters. With all of us being restricted to the four walls of our houses due to the pandemic that took over the world since 2019, online dating has become a mass favorite. However, the scammers have infiltrated this sector too. Pretending to be a perfect individual and the best match, these scammers exploit the emotions of people and scam them. Want to know more about these Romance Scams and how to avoid them? Read on to find out!

How do these Romance Scams work?

The scammers work in a very intrinsic and delicate manner in the Romance Scams. Their profile will consist of photos of a good-looking, smart, and funny individual with a perfect description. When you start talking, the scammer will claim to live in another part of the country or abroad for some reason. These scammers pay special attention to you and seem like they really want to know you better. They might also extract your personal information during this time. To move forward, these scammers will request you to take this chat to a more personal channel such as messaging or another social media platform. However, they wouldn’t agree to date physically. Over time, you start bonding and feel an attachment with the scammer. This is when the scammer plays their part. All of a sudden, the scammer will ask you for money over some genuine-looking emergency such as a medical emergency. They will also mention a specific mode of payment and promise to return the money. They keep on extracting money from you until you realize that you are being scammed. 

How to Avoid Romance Scams?

> Beware of the pictures on their dating profile or the ones that they send to you look like shots from a magazine or from the internet.

> Immediately block the person if they are too eager to shift to a private channel like messages or SMS.

> Steer clear if they constantly cancel on plans to meet each other physically and give lame excuses each time.

> If the person is drowning you in attention and always texting you, be aware that something is definitely wrong.

> You must ask a lot of questions and look for inconsistencies in their answers. 

> You must always check their profile photo on google to see if it’s a genuine image.

> Some scammers don’t even do the hard work of coming up with their own texts on flirting lines, beware of copy-pasted lines. 

> You must not reveal too much about your personal life on dating apps.

> You must not send your hard-earned money to someone you haven’t even met physically.

Never send your private pictures to someone whom you have just met or have never seen physically.

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