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We Are A Registered Company With The Registrar of Companies for England And Wales with the name – SCAM VICTIMS HELP LTD. 

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Helping Victims of Scams

With time and various clever minds working all round the clock, the scammers have been very successful in preying on innocent customers and stealing all of their hard-earned money. The process begins with the scammers manipulating unsuspecting customers into investing in fake platforms. The unexpurgated intention of extracting money from the customer as long as they can begin when the victim deposits the first investment. If you have mistakenly fallen into a scam, chances are that you have been losing money since the day you enrolled in it. The major problem involved in the trading scams is that the scammers continue to extract money till the very end, making it impossible for the customer to cancel the transactions. They also build up psychological pressure making it hard for the customers to file a complaint with the regulators or the authorities.

Another major issue regarding why people are not able to recover the funds back is HUMILIATION. It is understandable that we might be ashamed because of falling for such scams. However, that doesn’t give us a genuine reason why your hard-earned money should stay with the scammers.

You have complete authority and ownership of the money that you have earned and we will help you get it back.

With our team of expertise and your support, we will provide you with the best solutions for the faster recovery of your funds lost to scammers.

Why should you file a complaint against scam brokers?

After being scammed and losing money, many people often step back from filing a complaint due to not wanting to fall into another scam. We, at Scams Victims Help, will tell you why you should file a complaint.


The first and foremost reason is that it is your money. You did the hard work and earned the money for you and your family to enjoy the benefits it provides. Why should you let a random person enjoy it?


You must know that you are not alone. We have come across thousands of customers who have been scammed for huge amounts of money and with our help, have rightly claimed all of it back.


The money lost to scams is retrievable 9 out of 10 times and with us, there is a 95% chance as we deliver the best possible solutions for the fund recovery.

How can we help you?

If you have been scammed or are in the middle of a scam, here is how we can help you out.

After the inspection of the type of scam and the amount of money you have lost to the scam, our team of experts will conduct an investigation to attest to the legitimacy of the issue. We will assess the scam broker and track their scamming methods. Thereafter, our team of experienced traders will get back to you with the best possible solutions for how you can get your money back.

“ but it’s just a few hundred dollars. Nothing will go wrong if I ignore this and move on with my life”


“ There is no use fighting this injustice, it happens to everyone”

If you are thinking like this right now, STOP.

However big or small the amount is, it has been stolen from you. The scammers have no right over your money and they absolutely shouldn’t be enjoying the benefits of it. Although it happens to everyone, your one step can make a big difference. It might encourage the ones around you to file a complaint and it might also discourage the scammer to continue their heist. Furthermore, even though a few hundred dollars might not be as much of a big deal for you, please note that if you don’t do anything now, the scammer will keep preying on people and someone might lose all of their life savings. Would you want yourself and many other people to suffer at the hands of such scammers? No.

Apart from helping the scam victims in fund recovery, our team also has a specialized team of researchers who conduct research and public surveys to narrow down scam brokers. We then publish detailed reviews of these scam brokers and warn our readers of various possible scams. From Binary Trading scams, Forex Scams, Cryptocurrency Scams to Romance Scams, Online Shopping Scams, Old age scams, etc. we proudly cover each sector of scams.

Victims of broker scams? File a complaint!

If you have been scammed, fill the form on our website and let us get back to you!

If you have not been scammed, share this with people who might benefit!

Stay safe and keep reading our reviews to steer clear of scammers.

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Scammers usually have a network that may be spread across different geographical locations. We offer international fund recovery services through our affiliates. We provide fund recovery services across different countries like the UK, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, UAE, New Zealand, Austria, Norway Denmark, Finland, Kuwait, Qatar, etc.

Every country and region has a different set of rules and regulations to deal with scammers/fraudsters. Every country has a variable set of regulations and banking norms. 

Tracking, tracing, and recovering assets/funds are often laborious, time-consuming, and expensive process. For an individual with no expertise in laws of the land and approach, it is quite impossible to recover funds.

We provide our services in the field of forex trading scams, cryptocurrency trading scams, romance scams, pet scams, student loan scams, investment scams, diamond investment scams, and inheritance scams.

Many people do not know that the lost money is retrievable most of the time. It is your hard-earned money and you have all the right to claim it back. You are not alone who have been scammed. Thousands of innocent victims were trapped by scammers. 

We regularly update our Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler, and Quora accounts regarding the latest scams. You can read reviews and be alert before investing.