Diamond Investment Scams

Diamond Investment Scam

Introduction –

The introduction of the internet to the world has brought in a lot of advantages. Now, people can talk to their loved ones from one corner of their world to the other, opt for courses online, get done with various government papers and requirements hassle-free and so much more! However, with so many advantages of this internet comes to the disadvantages too. Scammers are one of the disadvantages of the internet. In this article, we will be discussing the diamond investing scams that yet again have victimized a lot of people and stolen all of their precious money. If you have been scammed in one such Diamond Investment Scam, read the full review to find your answer too. 

Common Methods of Diamond Investment Scams:

  1. Fake certificate

This is one of the most common ways through which customers interested in investing in diamonds are scammed. The scammers will provide you with a fake certificate and show you a fake stone as well. Unless you have the real eye to pick out the fake ones, it is easy for them to scam various people like you. 

2. Pricing scams

In such cases, the shopkeepers will claim that the diamond-studded jewelry is worth thousands of dollars but since you are the lucky customer for the day, they will reduce the price to mere hundreds or lower thousands. One must know that if the shopkeeper is reducing the price by a huge amount, something is definitely wrong. In reality, the jewelry might not be worth hundreds of dollars.

3. Fake colors

As diamonds in various colors are extremely rare and therefore much in demand, some of the scammers attempt to artificially color the diamond and sell them as originals. In some cases, the stone might not even be a real diamond. In order to earn a little more, these scammers end up tricking innocent customers and stealing thousands of dollars from them

4. Swapping the stone

This is yet another scam that we fall prey to just because we didn’t pay enough attention. In such scenarios, although the shopkeeper or the scammer will show you original pieces when you proceed to buy and checkout, they will swap the original diamond for a fake one. You won’t even realize as it’s just a matter of seconds to swap out the original for the fake one

5. Hiding the flaws

As the name suggests, in such situations the shopkeepers will intentionally hide the flaws in the diamond jewelry and coax the customer into buying the flawed piece. As expected, the customer might not even notice the flaws for a long time. 

How to save yourself from diamond investment scams?

Research. Research is the best method to avoid falling into diamond investment scams. If you have been scammed in one such Diamond Investment Scams, file a complaint and we will help you out. After analyzing your situation, we will get back to you with the best possible solutions to get your precious money back. To read about more such scams, visit our home page!

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