review is collected after a lot of effort and we finally concluded that the traders should not invest with broker since their investments may not be safe with 

The main motive of Scam Victims Help is to identify the scam brokers in the market and let the traders know about their scam activities. We warn traders to stay away from scam brokers if they want to keep their hard-earned money safe from scams.

Broker Website –

Headquarters or Area of Operation – United Arab Emirates

Warnings Securities and Commodities Authority (United Arab Emirates) Review: Introduction claims to be the best-in-class Integrated Service Provider (ISP) in financial trading, handling everything from research and advisory services to risk analysis and trade deal closing. The website can be found at and is located in Dubai, but the swiss capital dubai office address is missing from their website. The swiss capital company is owned by Swiss Capital Financing Broker L.L.C. If you are thinking to invest with this broker, read a complete review to learn more about this broker. Review: Regulation


When determining the legitimacy of the brokerage company, a regulated license is crucial. If you are a new investor, always check the broker’s regulated license on its regulatory site. is an unregulated and unregistered broker because they hide most of the important details on its website, which include license, legal documents, and swiss capital dubai contact number is also not provided by the company. They got a public warning from the authority of the Securities and Commodities Authority (United Arab Emirates). All these factors prove that is a potential scam or involved in scam activities. 


How does the scam work?


Frauds involving cryptocurrency and forex typically begin when unskilled or amateur investors look for an investing platform. Scammers can use it as an opportunity to scam helpless victims. Through social media or online ads, fraudsters approach investors and demand a small investment. After some time has passed, you will recognize that you were taken advantage of by scam brokers and want to withdraw money, but it will be too late because the scam brokers have already taken the entire amount of money from your account.


Are your funds safe with


With an unregulated and unreliable broker, investments are neither secure nor guaranteed. They withhold information regarding the company, which causes worry. When such key details are lacking, it becomes difficult to maintain the protection of your assets. This explains why your assets are not secure in this place. Investment with is not safe because it is possibly a scam broker.


Customer Feedback 


Scam Victims Help is not found any positive reviews or customer feedback concerning this broker on other review websites. They also have a low trust score among the traders. After analysis of both the positive and negative swiss capital commercial reviews, we found that this broker may be involved in some suspicious activities, such as online scams. Moving ahead with broker or another unlicensed firm is a better decision. On the Scam Victims Help website, we provide a list of scam broker 2022 that helps you avoid these scam brokers. Review: Conclusion


We found that is a scam broker and provides financial services without any regulated license. If you are a victim of or Cryptocurrency scams, Forex scams, Investment scams, Romance scams, Gift-card scams, or any other online scams, you can file a chargeback for fund recovery. Fill out a complaint form on our Scam Victims Help website. Our experts will provide you a free consultation, and we will guide you in the process of fund recovery. 

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