Sunpor Group Limited Review: is a SCAM

Sunpor – a financial transaction and investment broking company, is operating against the jurisdictions. They make many people go into their debt trap by offering irresistible offers and discounts, thus adding their name to the list of Scam Brokers 2021. They are known for

various scams like Crypto Scam, Forex Trading Scam, and many more. Here, we will tell you detailed information about their fraud to make you aware of them because nobody has the right to scam you in any way.

Sunpor Group Limited Review:

Sunpor Group Limited targets novice investors and lure false promises and pitches to trap victims. To prevent yourself from such scammers, we recommend you to go for a reputable firm with a good past trading history.

Deposits and Withdrawal of Sunpor Group

Sunpor Group Limited offers many payment options for their clients. However, they do not have any authentication to ask for the submission of unshareable data.  

Also, it is not proven if they are paying investors or not. They have less past trading experience, which makes us show a big red flag to them. So yes, there are high chances of withholding investors’ funds. 

Regulation Status of Sunpor Group Limited 

In their earlier days, Sunpor Group Ltd was using the legit info of a licensed entity. 

Your money is not safe with a firm that does not have a compensation scheme. Instead of investing with such companies, invest your money in a genuine company to get several benefits.


Are Your Funds Safe?

Every investor looks for safety when investing in the market. Schemes offered by Sunpor limited do not give any prior notice before exiting the market. The firm is not working in a reputable manner to keep your funds safe. Also, they are the big name behind the Forex Trading Scam.

They did not even reveal the individual who is keeping your funds. Therefore, you will never get a chance to know if these individuals are qualified to handle your funds or not. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Sunpor Group targets people all across the world. Companies provide all necessary information, but in the case of Sunpor Group, it is hard to know from where they are operating. They do not even have an official and genuine email address. 

Platform used by Sunpor Group Limited

They use a fully functioning MetaTrader5 (MT5) platform but, it does not change the fact that they are the name behind forex and crypto scams.

Are you the victim of Sunpor Group?

If you are a victim of Sunpor Group Limited scam, don’t panic. You are not the first who got scammed by them. Consider it as a learning opportunity and do not make scammers fraud you in the future.

The positive news is the help available now. There are some groups dedicated to helping consumers recover their lost funds. They are available 24/7 to help consumers all over the globe to recover millions of dollars.

Conclusion – Is Sunpor Group Ltd scam or legit?

After referring to every point said in Sunpor Group Limited Review, it is your turn to decide if the firm is a scammer or not. But we suggest you stick with legit brokers. And, if you are a victim of such companies, file a complaint against them and get genuine help.

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