The digital era has gained a lot of popularity in today’s world. A lot and a lot of people are dependent upon the internet to serve their daily purpose. With the increasing popularity of the internet, the risk of getting scammed is also increased. Scammers are getting smart in their attempts to steal your money without even you realizing it.

Scams in the forex market are not new and have been taking place since forex trading has started. A large number of brokers are dealing and operating in the market with the motive of generating the profits of the investors. But, it does not always hold true because various brokers that exist today are frauds and dealing in scam activities. It is difficult to judge the broker before investing with them as they pretend to be the real ones which create doubts in the mind of the investors.

The scams target everyone whether it is a new or experienced investor. In order to prevent yourself from becoming the victim of fraud like the forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, bitcoin scam, etc one should remember various key points and follow them. It will help you to avoid being victim of fraud to some extent and prevent you from losing money.

Protect yourself from fraud by keeping in mind the following points-

Be Alert

While dealing with any firm or company, be cautious enough to judge their authenticity and relevancy. These fraudsters often approach you through social media, online chats, emails, phones, etc. Be alert before believing in them and moving forward with their services.

Be Aware of unusual payment requests

If the firm is asking for the payment through preloaded debit cards or gift cards, check them before actually making the payment. Various scam brokers offer attractive payment options to defraud the investors and run away with their money.

Avoid the Offer that is too good to be true

 If the broker or a firm is offering attractive services that are too good to be true, make sure to check up on it before actually believing in them. Various forex scam brokers offer high returns in less time in order to attract the new investors that later on run away with the funds leaving no option for the people.

Check Out the basic Information

Before dealing with any entity or firm, do thorough research on its working, address, the location where it is situated, their staff and clients, reviews of the company, history, and background. And how it has been offering its services and its reputation in the market.

Keep Your Personal Data Secure

Do not share your personal data and details without verifying the firm. No matter how good it holds its clients and goodwill, one must always do homework by checking about the company before making any transactions to them and dealing in financial terms.

Previous Performance

Check out the previous performance data and history of the firm. It will help you gain some analytical knowledge about the brokers and how it has been serving its clients, with their claimed services. Also, the returns guaranteed by them are offered by them or not?

Regulation Status of the Firm

This is the most important point to remember while investing with any broker. A broker that is not registered legally does not guarantee any protection to your funds. One should never go ahead with a firm that is not having any legit license and is operating without getting registered.


The above-mentioned points let you know about the basic thing you need to consider before believing in any firm or broker. If you are a victim of a scam broker 2021 and if you want to recover your funds, feel free to contact Scam Victims Help as we are here to help you in the fund recovery process with our extremely experienced and professional team.

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