Cryptocurrency scams are brutal. These cryptocurrency scammers lure innocent customers into their traps and coerce them into paying with cryptocurrency coins such as bitcoins. Due to these coins being nontraceable, it becomes easier for the scammers to get away with such acts and the poor customers are left alone after losing huge amounts of money that they spent on these cryptocurrency coins. Have you also been scammed by a crypto scammer and lost your precious crypto coins in this process? Do not worry, for we are here to help you out. In this article, we will be leading you through a few steps that you must undertake if you have been scammed. Read on to know more.

How to find your Transaction ID and why is it important?

Transaction IDs are assigned at every crypto coin transaction just as a billing ID is given to you when you purchase any goods or services from a store. These transaction IDs on cryptocurrencies are very helpful as they allow the investigators to identify your transaction and trace it effortlessly. Although investigation without transaction ID is very much possible, the transaction ID just acts as the icing on the cake.

These transaction IDs can be easily found from the wallet you are using to store the crypto coins in. Although the method and place showing the ID can vary from wallet to wallet, they are more or less the same. If you are still not able to find out the transaction ID for your specific transaction, you can take the help of blockchain explorer websites.

What is next after finding Transaction ID?

After finding and carefully noting down your transaction ID, the next step to follow is to write a detailed report with accurate details as to what all transpired around the scam. A cleaner and well-labeled report will save the investigator from the trouble of writing it out again from the unclear reports and help the investigators in solving your complaint.

What is the last step of recovering your crypto coins?

The last step can also be called the first step that you must follow as soon as you realize the scam that has been happening with you. Do you also have no idea where to go? Are you scared the investigator might also be a scam?

You do not have to worry anymore as Scam Victims Help is here to help you out. With trade experts and scam analysts in our specialty team, we pledge to deliver the best solutions for fund recovery. All you have to do is fill the form on our page and file a complaint. Upon receiving the complaint, our experts at All Scam Reports analyze the complaints and bring to you the apt solutions available that will help the complainants in the recovery of their cryptocurrency. Apart from solving complaints, we also publish reviews on potential scam brokerage firms with detailed explanations as to why these firms are problematic. Till then, keep reading and stay safe.

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