Introduction –

Trading Bitcoins and other trading tools like Forex, Binary, and others can prove complicated and confusing to new investors. Also, the light regulation of government on cryptocurrencies can lead to several opportunities for scammers to scam people. These scams include Forex scams, Binary Scams, Cryptocurrency scams, Bitcoin scams, Investment scams, etc. With a little knowledge regarding the red flags that leads to these broker scams, one can do plenty to protect themselves from falling prey to these scams.

Scammers are way too creative in executing their illegal operations resulting in scam incidents. It is necessary for the investors to make sure about the legitimacy of the firm and how it works before actually investing with them. Have a look at the points mentioned below to make sure of the website, if it is a scam or legit? These should not be avoided while choosing the right crypto exchange platform, as it will guide you to identify and recognize a scam firm and prevent you from losing all your funds and getting scammed.

Checklist on How to Detect Broker Scams –

  • If the URL of the broker website consists of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typing mistakes, etc.
  • If there is an ‘About Us page on the website. Or if the information regarding the company people, registered address, what the company is and how it is working is mentioned in the website. The absence of this information indicates there is the possibility of this firm as a scam.
  • If the legit and reputable websites are linking to this site. If yes, the credibility of the firm being honest is high.
  • Check out the reviews and experiences of the investors and what do the negative reviews say about the company.
  • Look upon who approached first and how? If the firm has approached you through social media, there are possibilities of the firm being a fraud as there are a number of fake firms operating in social media offering attractive schemes and services.
  • Is the website is claiming any kind of celebrity endorsement? If yes, the investors need to be careful because several fake websites scam people in the name of celebrities.
  • Check out the registered owner of the website and for how long it has been in existence. New firms and lack of regulation status are a major cause of concern while investing with any company.
  • If they are offering higher returns in a short duration. Remember, the crypto market is volatile and no legit firm will guarantee a profit in a short period of time.

What to do if You Notice a broker Scam?

If you have come across broker scams or have been a victim of a scam, spread the word as soon as possible. Various legal authorities are dedicated and specialized in helping the victims and recovering the funds back. Report the scam to the respective authorities to get help in fund recovery. Also, a number of recovery services firms are operating with a clear motive of helping the people and making them aware of the scams in the industry. The trained and experienced professional knows how to handle the case and earn your money back. Victims can also play their part well by making the people aware of the scam so that they can be cautious enough while choosing their investment partner and prevent themselves from falling into broker scams.

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