Crypto Guider is an investment platform that falsely promises passive income opportunities. However, in reality, it operates as a potential scam. To safeguard your investment, it is highly advisable to steer clear of this broker and keep your money away from them. read this complete Crypto Guider review to know more about this scam broker.

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Address – NA

Warning – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada), British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada), The Central Bank of Russian Federation (Russia)

Regulated – Unregulated, Blacklisted

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Date RegisteredMarch 09, 2022
Domain Age1 year, 4 months, 13 days, 17 hours, 17 minutes, 18 seconds



Crypto Guider operates within the crypto niche, but what’s concerning is their lack of transparency about their staff. The broker fails to provide any authentic information about its team on their website and instead utilizes free stock images as supposed staff members. We are actively working to have these misleading images taken down. Such deceptive practices highlight the broker’s fake and untrustworthy nature, making your investments with them unsafe. 

Moreover, Crypto Guider appears to be struggling with establishing clear modes of operation. In an effort to appear authorized, they obtained an FINCEN certificate for an MSB registration. However, it’s noteworthy that offshore scammers frequently misuse this certificate by providing incorrect information. 

In light of these facts, it is crucial to exercise extreme caution and avoid engaging with Crypto Guider to safeguard your investments.


Warnings issued against Crypto Guider 

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) have both raised red flags about Crypto-Guider. The BCSC warns that this broker is not registered to engage in trading or providing advice on securities or derivatives in British Columbia. Similarly, the OSC identifies Crypto-Guider as an unlicensed broker operating without proper authorization. 

The reality is that Crypto Guider lacks valid regulation from any reputable regulatory body to offer investment services. Consequently, investors’ funds with this company are at risk and remain unprotected by any legal safeguards. It is essential to be aware that Crypto Guider is a scam and exercise extreme caution to avoid any potential losses.


Crypto Guider Review: Trading platform 

The Crypto Guider trading platform, known as WebTrader, operates solely through the web and is also accessible via mobile devices. Despite the platform being advertised, the reality is quite different. 

In general, WebTraders tend to be lackluster online terminals with limited features. Besides basic charts and graphs, they often lack essential functionalities like automated trading options and live market reports. 

Unfortunately, due to the absence of a demo account, we were unable to evaluate Crypto-Guider platform firsthand. Additionally, this broker does not provide legitimate third-party software such as MT4 or MT5, which are commonly trusted platforms.


Crypto Guider Review: Trading Accounts 

There are six different types of trading accounts provided by the Crypto Guider like bronze, silver, gold, diamond, privarte wealth and legacy porfolio.   

The minimum deposit required for the most basic account type is an exorbitant $2,500. This seems preposterous, especially considering that numerous legitimate brokers offer Micro-accounts starting at just $10. What’s even more concerning is that Crypto-Guider lacks regulation, making it a risky choice for potential investors. 


Crypto Guider Review: Trading Conditions 

In terms of trading conditions, including leverage, spreads, and commissions, Crypto-Guider performs reasonably well. 

The broker’s maximum leverage of 1:50 aligns with the regulatory limits for retail clients in the US and Canada, but it exceed the European limit of 1:30. 

For the benchmark EUR/USD pair, Crypto-Guider offers a highly competitive and tight spread of approximately 0.2 pips. However, information regarding commissions remains undisclosed. 

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Crypto Guider Review: Conclusion 

Crypto-Guider operates as an anonymous trading scam, with both the website and trading platform lacking proper regulation. Furthermore, it has been blacklisted by four Canadian financial market authorities, raising serious doubts about its legitimacy and credibility. Caution is strongly advised when dealing with Crypto-Guider. 

If you suspect that you have fallen victim to a Crypto Guider scam or any other form of deception, such as forex scams, cryptocurrency scams, romance scams, phishing scams, investment scams, and more, you have the opportunity to take action. Our website allows you to file a complaint against scam brokers. Simply fill out the complaint form provided, and our team of experts will offer you a free consultation to guide you through the process of recovering your funds.

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