Are you looking to invest your money with a BitGo broker, or are you a victim of their fraud? Please read this BitGo review to determine whether it is a legitimate broker or a scam.


Broker Website –

Headquarters or Area of Operation – NA

Warnings – Not recommended by review website like Scam Victims Help


BitGo is yet more cryptocurrency fraud platform claiming to provide trading services.


The platform boasts that it manages investment accounts for investors. In addition, they claim to have a highly skilled group of traders who manage their financial operations.


Sadly, there is no evidence proving their team’s qualifications to manage investment funds.


Legitimate investment firms provide financial reports to encourage client confidence.


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About BitGo platform


The BitGo website is riddled with seriously lacking and incorrect claims. They say that based on their trades, they can help people invest in cryptocurrencies, but they haven’t said which cryptocurrencies they trade.


BitGo has been functional since 2020 and lacks a robust trading history. There are no details regarding their location, nor have they provided registration records.


They are not licensed by any trustworthy regulatory body, so it is impossible to determine if they are legitimate or not. No email address, telephone number, or other contact details are provided. The only method of communication is to fill out a form on their official site. There is no info concerning the firm’s roots, and the website is unverified. This demonstrates that trading with them is extremely risky.


BitGo regulation and customer service


BitGo lacks the required documentation necessary to collect funds from the general public.


BitGo is committing fraud without regard for the law.  

Non-licensed platforms may alter their service terms without notifying their customers. The company will leave the market when there is no longer any incoming traffic. The Ponzi scheme lacks any means of supporting communication. The reason pyramid schemes conceal their contact data is to avoid getting tracked within the market.


Negative BitGo reviews


If you search about BitGo on trusted review forums like Trustpilot, you will find many negative BitGo reviews. Numerous reviews have highlighted that they operate similarly to a pyramid scheme. Therefore, it is necessary for customers to first learn about this platform before it is too late.


BitGo domain insight


We were able to gain significant information about this pyramid scheme. This website’s actual domain name is


The company was incorporated in May of 2020 and will cease operations within that month of the following year. The data regarding their owner is concealed.


Is BitGo legit or a scam?


It is a concern that several people have when they encounter advertisements and promotions being distributed online. 

Well, BitGo is a fraudulent platform that you must avoid.


The platform has only been on the market for a couple of months. A quick look at their improperly built website will reveal that none of their operations are clear. 


The company is anonymously operated, and they are not licensed by any reputed authority.


BitGo review: Final thoughts


BitGo is a Ponzi scheme operated secretly by its owner. They offer investors absurd returns, which raises red flags given that cryptocurrencies are risky investments.


You should not invest in this shady business, as you will end up losing everything. Make sure you select the best cryptocurrency trading company to help you achieve your investment objectives.


Are you a victim of BitGo scam? You can get help


Scam Victims Help experts investigate the brokers to determine whether they are associated with the fraud. We did extensive research on brokers to aid customers in making the best choice.


We advise investors to avoid this broker and go for the genuine one. If you are a victim of the BitGo scam, file a complaint and receive immediate assistance from our team in recovering your funds!


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Note: Scam Victims Help has extensively researched the BitGo Review and found several red flags that every trader should be aware of. Read our BitGo review today to learn everything you need to know about this broker before signing up.