Keller Investments Review

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Broker Website:

Address: NA

Regulated By: None

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Any individual or firm that carries out financial business in the UK has to get a register or authorization from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) before the commencement of their business. Read this Keller Investments review to know if the broker has authorization with FCA.

Keller Investments review

Keller Investments is not registered nor authorized by FCA still it is targeting the public and investors in the UK. Keller Investments claims itself to be an authorized firm.

Keller Investments are a ‘clone firm’ and they use these tactics when they communicate with people out of blue. Be alert when you receive a call from blue regarding the selling of a financial product. They dis-honestly use the name of the genuine firm and their registration number.

How does a clone firm work?

Fraudsters always have new ideas up their sleeves to defraud investors/consumers and traders alike.

The ‘cloning scam’ is the most reported fraud that FCA gets regularly. In this Keller Investments scam, they cold-call investors out of blue. They may contact you via social media platforms, marketing emails, or simply a phone call. Once you search for investments on the net and submit your details online these scammers get your contact.

Keller Investments offers investment products like shares, bonds, forex, etc. They may also offer you to invest in those crypt currencies that are worthless, overpriced, non-tradable, or even non-existent. There are clone services that help you recover the funds that you have lost in the past or help you obtain a loan (even if your credit score is low), for this, they charge you an advance fee.

Working of a clone firm

The scammers usually give their phone numbers and other contact details.

They may duplicate the website of a lawful firm, making elusive changes such as phone number, email ID, etc.

They may direct you to the honest firm’s website, but use diverse and different details to correspond with you.

They may declare to be an overseas firm that seems to be on the FS Register. These clone firms do not always have their website details and full contact listed on the FS register.

They may also claim that their firm’s contact details with FS Register are out-dated. It is not possible, as FCA regularly updates details of the firms every evening.

To gain your trust, scammers give you particulars of all the individuals listed on the FS Register. It is better to check the company’s record and see what all regulated events and activities they are permitted to do. It is better to first contact the firm instead of an individual.

Who has Keller Investments cloned?

Keller Investments is cloning authorized FCA firm United Overseas Bank Ltd. Keller Investments phone no is +448002605974, +4402081244109. FCA authorized firm phone no is +4402074485800. Clone firm’s email is and FCA approved email is FCA registered firm’s address is 50 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6JJ, United Kingdom.

Protect yourself from the Keller Investments scam

FCA strongly advises dealing only with those individuals and firms that are authorized by them. You can check the list of firms permitted on FS (Financial Service Register). FCA to conduct financial business regulates the firm/company.

Help yourself

In case the individuals/firms/companies’ name does not appear contact at Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768.

To avoid the Keller Investments scam, or a cryptocurrency scam, romance scam, bitcoin scam, forex scam, pets scam, or any other scam, do not give any of your details. Do not buy any financial product like investment, loan, pension, or insurance.

Double-check URL closely and thoroughly. Check the list of unauthorized individuals or companies FCA received complaints about. Do report the case to FCA if you find anything fishy. Chances are nobody has reported the individual/firm’s name to FCA until today.

Check and read reviews on our site Keller Investments review and more reviews on the list of scam broker 2022.

For firms that have been cloned

In case, someone is using your firm’s name for defrauding people, report it on the FCA’s firm.

Be alert, aware, and invest safely. After all, it is your hard-earned money, do not hand it over to swindlers on a platter.

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