Broker Website: https://www.fxcapitalminingprofits.com/

Address: Syed Mahbub Morshed Avenue Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207 Bangladesh

Regulated By: None

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

If you are planning to trade with FX CAPITAL MINING PROFITS, read this FX CAPITAL MINING PROFITS review first.


“The better way to trade and invest” that’s what the home page of FX CAPITAL MINING PROFITS claims. They come in when you need powerful tools, experienced traders that help you with their knowledge, and time-tested strategies are needed.

Their site claims that there are over 52,000 traders all over the globe who trust them.

They offer a platform (not mentioned) and solution for creating investment management that is suited for mutual fund managers for hedging. They provide solutions for running pool trading in forex, bonds, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Online trading simplifies management services, monitoring, and investments. It is easy to set up pool trading and investment management.

One can get started by registering for the account. Then fund the trading account by any of your desired payment methods (not specified) by selecting the deposit button or adding funds. The trader will get the analysis result via SMS and email notification.

You can contact them only through email. Their email ID is admin@fxcapitalminingprofits.com.  Nowhere have they mentioned their phone number or physical address or their office location. You can fill out the form given on their site and contact them.

The site claims that the trader gets all the help needed to fast-track their trading.  The company provides full expert support 24×7 and on-demand can get market analysts.

They offer high leverage to augment the investment and win large money with their super-low spreads. They have super-fast trading software so that traders never suffer from failure or loss.

The company claims it has more than 5 years of experience and around 5,200+ active accounts. They have made around 586,000 USD worth of monthly payments to their traders.

The packages page they offer is not working. And even the blog page is not working. Their Instagram and Twitter do not open when you click the icons.

Why you should not trade with FX CAPITAL MINING PROFITS scam?

Taking a closer look at their website they do not fall under any regulating authority. And it is an important red flag you should take note of. That is more than sufficient NOT to invest with them.

They claim they work with another website that offers “automated trading software”. Be careful, such websites are notoriously famous for their scamming schemes.

Since they are unregulated, clients are not protected in case anything goes wrong like no withdrawals and things like that.

They usually cold-call people and persuade them to make minimum initial deposits. They make any conceivable methods like luring you for very high returns on your investments in a very short time.

They offer you will make 100USD per day or you can double your money in a very short time. Please do not buy their words. It is simply a scam. If by mistake you made initial deposit people in that company get transferred and a smart scammer (retention agent) will talk with you and he will try to get more money out of you.

When you request for withdrawal (whether you have made profits or not) they will delay the process endlessly. In case the process is delayed for more than six months you will not be able to charge back anymore and the money is gone for good.

If you’ve been scammed by the FX CAPITAL MINING PROFITS scam, submit a complaint here.

How to get the money back?

If you made an initial deposit most likely they will refuse to give your money back.

If you have proof (emails or other correspondence) that you tried your best to get your money back but they did not give you back or unnecessarily delay the process, perform a chargeback. For a chargeback contact your card provider (debit or credit) and explain to them how you have been deceived. This is the easiest and simplest way as it hurts them the most. Because if there are many chargeback cases against the scammer, it will put an end to their relationship with the financial or payment service providers.

If you are not sure or confident about how to start the chargeback, we will assist you in preparing a solid case. There will not be able to exploit any loopholes. Do not let your broker know you are in contact with us. Let it be a surprise element for the scammers.

If you have deposited money through bank wire you will not be able to perform a chargeback. For these types of cases, you will have to fight at a different level. Warn the bankers that if you do not receive money in the account you will go to higher authorities and file a complaint against them. If you have time prepare an email or letter for regulating agencies in your jurisdiction explaining to them how you were scammed. The regulating authorities will take notice of your correspondence and after verifying will blacklist the scammer.

Keep on leaving negative reviews or comments of the FX CAPITAL MINING PROFITS scam on different sites so that other traders/investors will get aware.