Crypto FX Options Review


Introduction to Crypto FX Options Review:

Crypto FX Options purports to be an international brokerage firm that has something for every trader. Based in the United Kingdom, the company claims to have its headquarters in England. They also claim to have loyal clients from around the globe. Apart from all the boasting of how Crypto FX Options is the best in the industry, the company also provides “professional advice” to its dedicated clients. However, all these claims are completely baseless and Crypto FX Options provides no proof for us to believe in them. Read on to see why you must not be dealing with Crypto FX Options in our detailed review.

Do they have a Regulation?

The about us section of this company has a small paragraph of barely 100 words in which they yet again boast about their reach worldwide and the customers they have. Even after searching the whole website, we were not able to find any claim of having a license or even a statement. Despite the fact that Crypto FX Options claims to have the United Kingdoms as the country they are based out of, they do not have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA. You must know that FCA is one of the top-tier regulators of the industry and not having a license from them means that Crypto FX Options is up to something wrong. To legally operate and provide tradable instruments to traders, a brokerage firm must have a license from any of the regulators of the industry. 

What about Deposits and Withdrawals?

Another strange fact about the website that Crypto FX Options has designed is that it provides you with the first names of the alleged clients and the amount that they have deposited and withdrawn. What is strange about this is that the company has not revealed the full names of the clients which makes the information baseless. Secondly, by providing the amount of money that the clients have withdrawn or deposited, Crypto FX Options is exploiting the personal information of their clients. This certainly raises a red flag against Crypto FX Options.

What are the different types of trader accounts that Crypto FX Options provide?

Crypto FX Options claims to provide three different trading accounts to their customers. These trading accounts are almost similar with slight differences in their features. However, a huge difference that lies between the three trading accounts is the minimum deposits that each of the accounts demands. The basic account demands a minimum deposit of $300 to $1000 whereas the standard account demands a minimum deposit of $1100 to $4000. The Premium account demands a minimum deposit of $4100 and more. You must notice that the company does not even mention the range of the premium account. 

Conclusion: Is Crypto FX Options a scam or legit?

To sum up, all that has been stated above regarding Crypto FX Options, we can safely say that Crypto FX Options is a potential scam. We warn our readers not to trade with this broker. If you have been scammed by Crypto FX Options, report it to us and get instant replies to help you claim the money back.

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