Aston Markets Review

Introduction to Aston Markets Review:

Have you ever been scammed? There must be two reasons why you are on this page and reading Aston Markets review. First, you have been scammed by Aston Markets and are looking for fund recovery options. Second, you are looking forward to investing with Aston Markets and are researching them. We have good news for both! In this detailed review, we would be analyzing all the problematic aspects of Aston Markets that we feel cause a threat. At the end of the review, we will also let you know how you can get your money back from Aston Markets if you have been scammed. Keep on reading the Aston Markets review to know more.

About the company:

Aston Markets goes by the trading name of Aston Forex is a forex brokerage firm that claims to have trading desks in every single financial market in the world. With a huge customer base and a wide variety of services to offer, Aston Markets claims to be the best in the industry. However, there is much more to Aston Markets than what it looks like. Read on to know more about Aston Markets/ Aston Forex.


Aston Markets states on their website that their headquarters is based in Belize. Given that Belize is an offshore zone, this raises a red flag.

Breaking down the claims:

Do Aston Markets have a license?

No, Aston Markets is UNREGULATED. Regulation is very important for a brokerage firm to have and the fact that Aston Markets does not possess a license just increases the risk of the company is a scam. Furthermore, Aston Markets also does not mention anything about its regulation or license. This poses the first red flag against Aston Markets in this Aston Markets review.

Is Aston Markets blacklisted/warned by any regulation?

Aston Markets has been warned by the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA of the UK. The regulation states in the warning that Aston Markets is an unauthorized firm and warns its citizens to stay away from Aston Markets.

What are the different account types offered by Aston Markets?

Aston Markets offers three different account types to their customers. These accounts are named Classic Account, Premium Account, and Platinum Account. All the accounts share varying features while some of the features are the same.

What is the minimum deposit demanded by Aston Markets?

Aston Markets demands a minimum deposit of $200 from their customers. This is much higher than the average minimum deposit asked by legitimate brokers. Readers must note that the scam brokers demand huge amounts of minimum deposits to steal more money. This poses yet another red flag against Aston Markets in this Aston Markets review.

Conclusion: Is the Aston Markets real?

To sum up, all that has been stated above, we can safely say that Aston Markets is a potential scam. We warn our readers to stay away from this unauthorized scam and take extra precautions if you want to proceed with them. If you have been scammed by Aston Markets, report a complaint with us, and we will get back to you with the best possible solutions for fund recovery.

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