Zilton Capital Review

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Broker Name – Zilton Capital

Broker Website – ziltoncapital.com

Headquarters or Area of Operation – 147c Cromwell Rd Kensington, London, United Kingdom, SW5 0TH

Warnings – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (United States)


The number of scam brokers is increasing with the advent of the rising popularity of forex trading. The digital world has made it easier for traders to start investing that takes no time. The advantages of these techniques have been taken by the scammers who pretend to be legit brokers but run away with the funds of their clients. Several scam brokers exist in the market and one should read a detailed review on the brokers before investing with them. Here, let us gain detailed knowledge on the Zilton Capital review, which is considered a potential scam by their investors.

Zilton Capital Review

Zilton capital is an offshore forex broker based in New York. However, the website of Zilton Capital is completely anonymous with little information regarding the broker. Zilton Capital claim offers the cryptocurrency and Binary Options, having a negative reputation. Also, the regulation and registration of Zilton Capital is not known, making the investors unsure about investing with them. As the website is anonymous and does not contain any relevant information, there are chances of this broker being a potential scam. ​Zilton Capital has been listed in the unregistered firms of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, making it an illegal broker.

Zilton Capital claims to be having an experienced and professional team, however, the truthfulness of this information is not clear.  The minimum deposit here is $1000, which again is higher than other legit brokers as various brokers offer $250 as the minimum deposit amount. Charging a higher amount can be considered as a red flag here, as the trading is possible from the amount much less than offered by Zilton Capital.

Potential Zilton Capital Scam Activities-

Zilton Capital Review: Accounts Offered

The account offered by Zilton Capital is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and NFP. The minimum amount required to open an account is $1000 which is much higher than other brokers operating in the market. This can lead to defrauding the investors as the minimum amount required in the industry is $250.

Zilton Capital Review: Deposits and Withdrawal

Various researchers claim that Zilton Capital accepts deposits and withdrawals through VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. But, payment methods offered by them are Money Gram, Western Union, Perfect Money, and bitcoins. All these methods mentioned here are anonymous and do not have any authenticity. Various investors have a complaint that they could not withdraw the amount deposited by them.

Zilton Capital Review: Demo Account

The legit and genuine brokers offer the demo account for the new investors. It helps the people in experiencing the platform and how it works. But, Zilton Capital does not offer any Demo account which leads to confusion among the investors on how to trade and whether to trade or not.

Zilton Capital Review: Educational Resources

As per our research, Zilton Capital does not offer educational tools and resources for investors. The educational tools play an important role in making the investors aware of the market conditions, changing trends and graph history, etc. But, this facility is not offered by Zilton Capital, making it hard to believe it is a legit broker.

Is Zilton Capital Scam or Legit?

As there is no proper information available on the website of Zilton Capital, it is hard to identify this broker as a genuine one. Also, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has alerted the investors regarding Zilton Capital, which clearly means that it is a scam broker and one should not invest with them. The investors should invest with the brokers who are legally registered and offers the relevant information regarding their services, keeping their terms and conditions clear to the clients.

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