While trading online, you should ensure that the broker you pick is legitimate. There is always a risk in online trading, which is why Scam Victims Help has written the Vital Markets Review after long research and found the broker to be a potential scam.

Broker Website – https://vitalmarkets.com/

Address – Commonwealth of Dominica

Warned By – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Scam Victims Help

Vital Markets is an offshore broker and is not regulated by any genuine authority. The broker might work in numerous nations without any regulation from FCA, ASIC, CNMV, etc. Just a lack of regulation is not a reason to call it a scammer. When you check about this broker on the internet, you’ll get many negative VitalMarkets reviews and complaints that point to a scam. If you want to know why your money is not safe with this broker, read a complete Vital Markets review.

Vital Markets Review: Major Warning Signs

Below we will explain why you shouldn’t invest your money with this broker.

Vital Markets Review: Regulation Status

VitalMarkets is situated in an offshore region i.e., the Commonwealth of Dominica. The laws of Dominica don’t perceive forex exchanging as a different line of business and thus, there are no regulations forex brokers need to comply with.

While trying to look authorized, they organized an FINCEN certificate for an MSB enrollment. For the most part, offshore scammers get this certificate utilizing some unacceptable data. It is not safe to trade with an unregulated broker as most unregulated brokers are known to be a part of the scam.

Vital Markets Review: Withdrawal

VitalMarkets accept cryptocurrency deposits like Bitcoin, XRP, and ETH. The broker just acknowledges crypto deposit is troublesome – albeit this is a totally genuine payment method, there is a motive behind why tricksters love crypto. Such exchanges are mysterious – you would continuously have the option to follow them to a specific wallet yet not to an individual or association. They are likewise irreversible which implies that you could always be unable to get a chargeback on your installment.

Vital Markets Review: Complaints

Trades who traded with this broker have raised numerous complaints against it. Scam Victims Help has explored this broker and got many negative VitalMarkets reviews and complaints. We have listed this broker in a list of scam brokers 2022.

Is Vital Markets Legit? Vital Markets Review Conclusion

It is clear from this Vital Markets review that this broker is a scam as it is not regulated to offer financial services We additionally discovered a few negative reviews about this broker. It is smarter to avoid this broker as your money is not safe there. Continuously check reviews and remarks about an organization before you pick them for trading.

If you are a victim of the Vital Markets scam or any other scam like the forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary scam, etc., file a complaint here. You can also get a free consultation about scam brokers and scams and how to prevent yourself from scammers. If you get defrauded, leave a review to prevent investors from scam brokers.

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