The main motive of Scam Victims Help is to identify the scam brokers in the market and let the traders know about their scam activities. We warn traders to stay away from scam brokers if they want to keep their hard-earned money safe from scams. Skyshell Trading review is collected after a lot of effort and we finally concluded that the traders should not invest with Skyshell Trading broker since their investments may not be safe with Skyshell Trading . 

Broker Name – Skyshell Trading

Broker Website –

Headquarters or Area of Operation – United Kingdom

Warnings Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

When was the Skyshell Trading website domain set up?

Date RegisteredApril 15, 2015
Domain Age7 years, 5 months, 4 days, 3 hours, 11 minutes, 35 seconds

Skyshell Trading Review: Introduction

Skyshell Trading claims to be a brand of Sky Blue Wealth Management Limited (SBWML), but it is not so. Sky Blue Wealth Management Limited offers investment and financial advice. They are into corporate planning, retirement planning, and mortgage solutions. In no way is it related to forex broking. Skyshell Trading is trying to clone that company. Skyshell Trading is misusing SBWML’s certificate of incorporation. Even the addresses of both companies are different. Read the Skyshell Trading review to find out more about this scam broker.

Skyshell Trading is a clone of SBWML and uses the license provided in its name. Skyshell Trading claims that it offers crypto trading opportunities. Also, one can trade in gold, oil, and gas at their site with the possibility of high returns and no commissions. The broker is nothing more than a scam, cloning a licensed and legitimate broker. Skyshell Trading has nothing to offer other than high fees and questionable terms. 

Know more details about this broker in this Skyshell Trading review.

Skyshell Trading Review: Website

The scammer’s website is not secure. Therefore, this means that every piece of information you put in is at risk, and that includes your personal and bank details. The website is down and not working at present. Scammers usually use these tactics to contact people. Once they get your contact details, they start to call you out of the blue (cold call) and are persistent at that. They may also email you, text you, or contact you through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The phone number provided is +447868740261 and the email is The location address mentioned is only in the UK. It is a very vague and unbelievable address, with no building name, no suite number, no street, and no location other than the United Kingdom. 

How Skyshell Trading review work?

  • The scammers may give you their other contact details and their phone number.
  • After copying regulated and authorized broker websites, the scammer makes refinements such as phone numbers, email IDs, etc. These small changes are usually unnoticeable at first sight.
  • They may point you to an original website but use different details when they correspond with you.
  • They may claim that the company’s details on the FS register are old and out-dated. Details in the FS register are not updated. In practice, FCA regularly updates the FS register every evening.
  • Instead of broker’s details, scammers give you details of individuals listed in the FR register. Hence, it is important to check the company’s details and the financial activity they are permitted for.
  • There is a fake version of the FCA’s website and FS register. So be careful and alert.

How to protect yourself from the clone firm/company? Read the Skyshell Trading review

  • Resist and reject cold calls and suspicious emails. Do not click on any unknown links. Better yet, manually type the link in your URL.
  • Better verify the identity of the authorized firm. Always call back on the switchboard number displayed on the FS register. The Consumer Helpline number is 0800 111 6768.
  • Do not access FS register links in email, social media, or the website of the broker who is offering you an investment.
  • Check for the address of the FS register’s website minutely. Even if there is a small change, it means it is fake.
  • By chance, if you have given money to the clone website, you will not have access to FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) or FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service).

What to do if you have been scammed by Skyshell Trading?

It is clear from this Skyshell Trading review that this broker is involved in scam activities. If you are a victim of the Skyshell Trading scam, file a complaint against the scam on our website.

Get free and immediate help from us. It is possible to recover funds from scammers if action is taken fast. We are also dealing with the Skyshell Trading Scam victims.

We, at Scam Victim Help, help scam victim throughout the world. Let us fight scammers together. We have been in this field for many years. We also undertake cases of forex trading scams, cryptocurrency trading scams, romance scams, pet scams, investment scams, diamond investment scams, inheritance scams, and student loan scams. 

We hope this Skyshell Trading is helpful for you.

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