Sigma Forex is a U.K.-based forex financier who has assumed its merited position in the forex market of disgrace. The organization ended up being simply one more fake forex merchant that vanishes after taking money from their customer and leaving a long line of client grievances afterward. is an offshore agent, not controlled by any rumored guideline expert in its area. The representative might work in numerous nations without the guideline needed by the rumored guideline expert in its country. In this Sigma Forex Review, we will explain why your assets are unsafe with them.

Who is Sigma Forex?

As per the sources, Sigma Forex’s genuine corporate name is SIGMAREX LIMITED, located in London, U.K. The organization once enrolled as a business with, but currently, the organization at that site returned no outcomes.

The offshore agents are unknown and can vanish with no notification. They misuse guidelines and are not authentic by any means. They can petition for financial protection at any time make them exceptionally unsafe to put resources.

Always check financier’s subtleties before investing with them. It affirms its authenticity and consistency with regulations. In a genuine organization, the CEO of the organization’s data ought to be promptly accessible. For Sigma Forex, this subtlety is not accessible.

When the above data is inadequate, it brings up issues. As a financial backer, you don’t have the thought of who will deal with your funds. It clarifies why your assets are undependable with Sigma Forex.

Account Services of Sigma Forex 

Since Sigma Forex official site is inaccessible, the recuperated site given by the Wayback Machine documents indicates that the forex agent is promoting their two kinds of forex exchanging accounts as follows:

  • One is a No Dealing Desk Account. In this account, a minimum amount is $2,000 to open an account.
  • Another is the Standard Dealing Desk Account. Here, $500 is the required amount to open an account.

Besides, both can offer influence proportions going from 1:1 to 1:500, just as the capacity to exchange Micro, Mini, or Standard parcel sizes from a similar record.

The intermediary did not charge commissions, rollover trades, or some other sort of expense and allowed records in EUR, USD, AUD, GBP, and CHF. It probably added significantly to their engaging quality to likely customers, maybe getting them to neglect different blemishes with the specialist.

How to suspect a scam broker?

  • Your account got frozen by the broker.
  • Your account got blocked by the broker.
  • They will take your funds out of your account without any permission.
  • They will not receive your calls.
  • They close their website.
  • You saw the specialist take cash out from your ledger without your consent.
  • They offer you rewards.

Sigma Forex Complaints

Sigma Forex has many negative outlines, and sellers who exchanged with this expert have referenced different reactions against it. We have dissected a staggering game plan about this specialist and thinking about the pessimistic surveys, battles, and other trick highlights. Now we can say that Sigma Forex is a scam.

Sigma Forex Review – Conclusion

 Not exclusively is the wellbeing of your assets not ensured with this agent but, nobody can ensure benefits are likely the most reliable articulation on their undynamic site.

At the point when this sort of forex specialist firm shuts down, the likelihood that they consent to each administrative organization won’t assist you with getting your funds back. They are not enlisted with a managing authority, paying little heed to where they are based.

Get your work done when looking for a forex merchant, and abstain from taking their statement for anything. Discover current realities of the organization and what sort of withdrawal approaches they have. Additionally, be sure to peruse their fine print cautiously.

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