Forex Trading Scams

Forex Trading Scams and How to Avoid It

Introduction to Forex Trading Scams- Forex is the short form of foreign exchange. Here, the foreign exchange is a global platform where the national currencies are exchanged. Trading in this foreign exchange sounds exciting and can result in higher returns. With the increasing popularity of forex trading, there has been a significant rise in forex

Cryptocurrency Scam

What is a Cryptocurrency Scam?

Introduction to Cryptocurrency-  Before you start investing in cryptocurrency, make sure you know about what it is, how it is different from other payment methods and cash, and how to detect the potential cryptocurrency scams that can take place. Cryptocurrency exists electronically and can be considered as digital currency as there is no physical existence

Crypto Scams in US

Popular Crypto Scams and Frauds of US

  Introduction- The rise in cryptocurrencies and crypto-related technologies has made a lot of changes in the world of finance and ITs. As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, the surety of scams and scammers increases. Millions and thousands of people around the globe have begun investing to increase their wealth and gain profits. Along with this, the

Scam News in Europe

Crypto Scam News In Europe

  Introduction- Scams often look as real as anything else. Scammers guarantee you make your money and offer the profit. In return, they end up taking your money or personal information. A number of scams, related to crypto and forex are run by scammers. These scammers are well versed in how to gain the trust

eToro Broker

Is eToro Legit or Scam?

Introduction to eToro Review: The forex market is a large market trading. A lot of investors and traders rely upon the trading option to increase their funds and grow their investments. The growing popularity of the forex market also brings numerous forex scams. These scams are often done by the illegal forex brokers that exist

MT4 Scam In The Forex Industry

  Introduction to MT4 Scams If you are a forex trader, you must have definitely come across the MT4 (Meta Trader 4) platform. MT4 is the most common and popular platform of the forex trading industry. Thousands of reputed and regulated brokers use the MT4 platform for trading purposes. But, have you ever wondered about