RainbowHkFX review is collected after a lot of effort and we finally concluded that the traders should not invest with RainbowHkFX broker since their investments may not be safe with RainbowHkFX. 

The main motive of Scam Victims Help is to identify the scam brokers in the market and let the traders know about their scam activities. We warn traders to stay away from scam brokers if they want to keep their hard-earned money safe from scams.

Broker Website – https://rainbowhkfx.com/

Headquarters or Area of Operation – Room 5 b, 12 / F, Tung Ning Building, No. 2 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Warnings – Securities and Futures Commission (Hong Kong), The Financial Commission (Independent)

When was the RainbowHkFX website domain set up?

Domain Namerainbowhkfx.com
Date RegisteredMarch 05, 2022
Domain Age7 months, 1 day, 9 minutes, 28 seconds


RainbowHkFX Review: Introduction 


RainbowHkFX is an online trading platform that claims to be offers shares, spot gold, indices, spot silver, and forex currency pairs. The website is found at https://rainbowhkfx.com/, and the company is located in Hong Kong. They can be contacted by email at info@rainbowhkfx.com, and by phone at +85253466115. Moreover, there is nothing more to disclose. They hide all the necessary details from their website including trading conditions, spreads and leverages. Read a complete RainbowHkFX Review to know more about this broker.    

RainbowHkFX Review: Warning Signs



RainbowHkFX claims to be registered in Hong Kong, where some of the biggest financial institutions are based. But RainbowHkFX isn’t listed in the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), the recognized HK FX regulator, registry. The website is so awful that it doesn’t even feel like an attempt to be a broker website. They got a public warning from the authority of Hong Kong – the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and The Financial Commission (independent). Given how many unscrupulous brokers we assess, it feels even worse than the majority of scammers. 


Before investing money in an online trading platform, please check the broker-regulated license on the regulator’s website; otherwise, scam brokers will steal all of your hard-earned money. To avoid online scams, you should also look at the lists of Forex scams and cryptocurrency scams.


Trading Software


Although RainbowHkFX offers a downloaded program, we choose not to open it for a very straightforward reason. The suspicious.exe file was just named rainbow.exe, suggesting that it may not be connected to the broker. Additionally, our computer alerted us that this file might be harmful to it. Most legitimate brokers offer an advanced MT4 and MT5 trading platform, but RainbowHkFX does not offer these trading platforms to its users. 


Deposit and Withdrawal Method


Although fraudulent brokers rarely give correct payment terms, it’s nevertheless nice to know at least a few specifics, if only to serve as a point of comparison. But RainbowHkFX does not provide any information about its deposit and withdrawal method. Even the most basic payment requirements, like a minimum deposit, have been left blank by RainbowHkFX. 


How does the RainbowHkFX scam work?


Scam brokers get in touch with traders using social media or online advertisements to request an initial deposit. In return, they offer to raise your investment. If you invest with them, they will continue to seek money until you realize that they are scam brokers. When the user wants to withdraw the money, the broker will cut off all communication with the client and may block them from the website. It will go to considerable measures to avoid giving the user’s money back. With scammers, you are unable to withdraw your money. 


RainbowHkFX Review: Conclusion


The Scam Victims Help research revealed that this broker is operating without a license and against the law. To protect your funds, we suggest avoiding this broker and all other unregulated brokers. You can submit a chargeback for fund recovery if you were the victim of a cryptocurrency scam, forex scam, investment scam, romance scam, or any other scam. Fill out a complaint form on our website for fund recovery. Our experts will provide you a free consultation, and we will guide you in the process of fund recovery. We also provide a list of scam brokers 2022 on our website that can help you to avoid scam brokers.

We hope this RainbowHkFX is helpful for you.

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