Platinumhitech Review

Overview of Platinumhitech Review:

With all the different kinds of news about how scam brokers are everywhere and always ready to attack the traders, have you read a review solely dedicated to telling you why the actions of a certain broker are wrong and why you should not be trading with them. We, at Scam Victims Help, do exactly that and publish detailed reviews along with helping the traders with fund recovery. In this detailed review, we will be investigating and explaining why Platinumhitech is a potential scam. Read on to know more about the Platinumhitech scam.

About Platinumhitech scam activities

Platinumhitech is yet another brokerage firm that claims to have clients from around the globe and the latest technology that guarantees the best returns. The broker further tries to explain their motto and what work they do. However, on the whole website, the broker has not mentioned anything about the team or even the founders of the company which is vital information. With photos that are copied off the internet, Platinumhitech has clearly tried to pull off the looks of another legitimate brokerage firm and claim it to be theirs. Furthermore, the brokerage firm also mentions having offices in Britain, Switzerland, and Germany. What if we tell you all of this is nothing but a web of pure lies. Read on to find out more. 

Is Platinumhitech regulated?

When the company claimed to have offices in three different countries in the world, you must be thinking that Platinumhitech has licenses from various regulators and is regulated. However, Platinumhitech is UNREGULATED. Upon looking into their website, our team was unable to find any proof on Platinumhitech being regulated. When we checked with the top-tier regulators of the industry, it was clear to us that Platinumhitech does not have a license.

Has Platinumhitech been issued a warning?

Yes, You read that right. The Financial Conduct Authority, commonly referred to as the FCA, is one of the top tier regulators of the industry which is based in the United Kingdoms. The FCA has issued against Platinumhitech stating that the brokerage firm is unauthorized. This top-tier regulation further asks its citizens to stay away from this potential scam broker. This raises a major red flag against Platinumhitech.

Which trading software does Platinumhitech use?

Platinumhitech sticks to the use of a web-based trading platform that is unique to them. Upon trying out the trading platform, we realized that the outlook is really uncoordinated and does not have many technologically advanced tools to help the traders. Furthermore, the fact that Platinumhitech has not used popular trading software such as MetaTrader 4 or MT4 and MetaTrader 5 or MT5. This raises yet another red flag against the Platinumhitech scam. 

Conclusion: Is it a scam or legit?

To sum up, all that has been researched about and stated above, we can safely conclude this by saying Platinumhitech is a potential scam. We urge our readers not to proceed with this brokerage firm as it has all the red flags that a scam broker has. If you have been scammed by Platinumhitech, report now and get instant solutions only with Scam Victims Help.

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