Introduction –

The increasing online scams have taken a surge in defrauding the victims and taking away their money. We often take the internet for granted and choose to look over the harmful effects of the internet. From clicking on the random links for the confirmation or advertisements to opening a trading account with any broker, scammers have a creative way to find their victims. It is very necessary for investors to avoid trading with scam brokers that are harmful to their investments and funds. Proper and thorough research is required in order to know the legitimacy of the broker.

Review plays an important role in deciding the legitimacy of the broker. Osaka Lenders review gives a hint into what a company is about and how it is working. Similarly, Osaka Lenders makes you aware of the scam broker activities that the scam brokers do in order to cheat the investors and snatch their money. Read till the end to gain full knowledge of the Osaka Lenders scam.

Osaka Lenders Review in Detail –

Osaka Lenders have mentioned on their website that they are a Japanese company, registered in Tokyo and established in 2003. The address mentioned is Koraibashi 1-8-13. Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Postal Code 541-0043 Osaka Japan. However, the clients and investors are not satisfied with their services and claim this broker as a scam broker involved in suspicious activities.

Several important points regarding the Osaka Lenders scam that is worth reading for-

  • As stated above, Osaka Lenders claims itself as a Japanese company, However, the website is only in the English language and not in Japanese making it a major red flag towards the broker.
  • Osaka Lenders gave the bank statement to the Japanese bank, stating it has an available fund to offer loans to the New Zealand company. Whereas, later it was confirmed by the Japanese bank that the bank statements as fake.
  • Osaka Lenders claims itself as a loan financial institution, but there is no other web presence found of this broker apart from its website.
  • The images of the people shown on the website of Osaka Lenders are fake. These are created by using the images of some famous Japanese people.
  • Financial Markets Authority, New Zealand warned the people and request them to be extra cautious before moving ahead with Osaka Lenders.

Characteristics of a fraud broker-

  • The scammers lure their victims in with irresistible offers and discounts.
  • As you all might know, the regulation is one of the most important checkpoints that one must look for while searching for a brokerage firm.
  • The minimum deposit is generally asked in very small amounts by the legitimate brokers as taking huge amounts as the minimum deposit is not advised by the regulations.
  • Leverage is yet another common checkpoint that one must look for while checking for a broker online. Due to their direct involvement with the risk, leverages are offered in small amounts.

Is Osaka Lenders Scam or Legit?

By reading the above-mentioned points, it can be stated that Osaka Lenders is a scam broker. Investors should be aware of the Osaka Lenders scam and should not continue dealing further with this broker. The information above will help you decide the relevancy of the legit and scam brokers.  If you are a victim of the Osaka Lenders scam, report the scam right now and get instant help from our team!

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