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Broker Name – OctexTrade

Broker Website-

Headquarters or Area of Operation – 9591 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740, United States

WarningsNot Recommended By Review Website Like Scam Victims Help

When was the OctexTrade website domain set up?

Date RegisteredAugust 08, 2021
Domain Age11 months, 2 days, 18 hours, 5 minutes, 50 seconds

OctexTrade Review: Introduction


Octex Trade is an online trading company that claims that they are the most prominent brand for forex investment. They also claim that they are located, in the United Kingdom and the name of the company is Octextrade.Com Corporate Company Limited. They hide all other details of the company like the CEO and CFO name, employee details, contact number, email address, and the regulated certification. Read more about this broker in the OctexTrade review


OctexTrade Review: Trading software


MT4 and MT5 are the most widely used trading platform in the trading market. These trading platforms offer a wide range of features and other options. If a broker is regulated, they offer these trading platforms but in the case of Octex Trade, they don’t show which trading software they are using. It indicates they are scam brokers or involved in illegal activities like forex scams.


OctexTrade is legit or not?


If you want to invest money and looking for a trading platform, it is important to check that the broker is regulated or not by a central authority. If the company does not mention its regulated license on its website that means it is not authorized by an authority. According to our investigation, we found that Octex Trade is deeply involved in scams or scam activity. This platform is not safe to invest money because they are blacklisted by an authority.


Are your funds safe with is an unregulated broker which means your funds are not secure if you are an investor in this firm. The company does not show details like deposit and withdrawal fees, terms and conditions, etc. All the above points clearly indicate that they are not a legit broker and investment with this broker is at high risk. 


How does the Scam works?


If someone can contact you through social media or through online ads. Be alert because most fraudsters use these tricks. The main goal of the scammer is to manipulate you, and after that, they convince you to invest money with them. They ask you to invest a small amount and get promise you to earn huge rewards. Once the payment is done, they ask for more money to make a good profit. Later you will come to know that they are scam brokers and steal all money from your bank account, or they block your account, so you cannot withdraw your money. 


OctexTrade Review and Feedback


After reading all the negative and positive OctexTrade reviews about this broker, the Scam Victims Help community found in our research that Octex Trade is not a trustworthy broker for investing. Our team provides a scam broker list for 2021 and 2022 on our Scam Victims Help forum that helps you to avoid these scam brokers. Please read all reviews of the customers before investing in any online trading platform. It will help you in finding a legit and secure broker.


OctexTrade Review: Final thoughts


If you are a scam victim of scam Scam Victims Help, you recover your money with our free consulting services. A chargeback is an option, and we provide a complaint form on our Scamvictimshelp website, fill in all the details and send it to us. Our team helps to recover your funds as soon as possible.

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