Thinking to invest with IG Global broker or scammed by them? Please Read this IG Global Review to understand if it is a scam or genuine broker

IG Global is one more suspicious broker with no valid regulatory information. There is a chance of risk while trading with this broker because it has been confirmed that this broker does not have any regulations that are currently in effect.

The official address of this broker is Floor 1, Office 25, 22 Market Square, London, United Kingdom, E14 6BU, and it is owned and operated by IG Global Limited. The websites of IG Global are and Apart from the website, there is very little information available about this broker on the web, like its email, i.e.,

IG Global was also blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom). According to FCA, IG Global is a clone of an FCA-regulated broker.

When was the IG Global website domain set up?

Date RegisteredNovember 22, 2022
Domain Age2 months, 26 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes, 30 seconds

IG Global is found to possess some or all of the following traits of a scam broker. Please read them below and verify with IG Global Limited.

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IG Global Review: Red Flags

Investment scams such as Forex trading scams, Binary trading scams, Romance scams, Cryptocurrency scams and others are harder to spot. But still there are signs. Here are some red flags why IG Global Limited is suspected as scam broker.

IG Global Review: Is IG Global Regulated?

IG Global is unregulated, which is a major red flag against the broker in this IG Global review. Mostly, unregulated brokers offer investment opportunities that look and sound very attractive, with the highest potential gains. Sometimes, they share fake information about the regulation, but true information is consistently available through the regulator’s sites, so analyze it cautiously.

It means a lot to give more profundity concerning where and how the broker is regulated, where they reside, and who owns the business. Many brokers have more than one authority to supervise them, but some brokers do not have any. You should avoid such brokers, as they are a threat to your money.

Check out more unregulated and untrustworthy scam brokers in our Scam Broker 2023 list.

IG Global Review: Deposit and Withdrawal Issues

Scam brokers convince customers that because of some technical problem they can’t access their accounts. They might utilize the accompanying strategies:

  • Will charge high withdrawal expenses.
  • Will forcefully encourage investors to make additional trades.
  • Stop communication.

If IG Global Limited is doing any of these things and not allowing fund withdrawal, contact us today.

IG Global Complaints

You can find many negative IG Global reviews on the web. According to one review in WikiFX – “I met a guy who recommends investment via trading software. Then, I was scammed by a fake platform under his recommendation. I hope people can be careful before making a deposit. Do not deposit anymore if there is a margin.”

We advise you to do a search for online reviews of brokers. A conventional web search can give experiences into whether negative remarks could simply be a disappointed dealer or something more serious. A decent enhancement to this kind of search is our scam brokers 2023 list, which indicates who scam brokers are and why you should avoid them. Acquire a more clear comprehension of the guidelines for forex brokers and any other brokers.

Is a Minimum Deposit permissible?

The minimum deposit is generally asked in very small amounts by legitimate brokers as taking huge amounts as the minimum deposit is not advised by the regulations. However, the tradition of taking huge minimum deposits is extremely common in scam brokers as their main aim is to steal as much money as they can from the trader before they get suspicious. The usual amount asked by legitimate brokers lies in the range of $5 to $10. If the broker asks for an amount more than the average, chance of a scam.

How to avoid getting scammed?

  • Look at the broker’s experience and regulation status.
  • Check whether the broker is included on the scam broker list of major regulators like FCA, FMA, ASIC, SEC, etc.
  • Do all necessary investigations! Read scam broker reviews to get better information about brokers.
  • Ensure the broker has contact details like email, telephone contact, address, etc.
  • Try not to trust commitments of heavenly returns.

Is IG Global Legit or a scam? Final Thoughts

Sometimes scammers are increasingly using legitimate firms’ details to add an air of legitimacy to their scams. The fraudsters will ‘borrow’ some information from a legitimate firm for the purpose of fraud. They may quote authorization numbers/company registration numbers and links to seemingly legitimate websites and even provide the real address of an authorized/ legitimate firm.

Consumers are advised to check our scam broker 2023 page to verify company details and to call the firm back directly using its advertised phone number. Always access the register from our website, rather than through links in emails or on a company/ person’s website.

To sum up, all that has been said above in this IG Global review, we give you the power to decide whether the broker is a scam or not. We request the readers move forward with extreme caution. 

Scam Victims Help specialists research the brokers and find if they are involved in scams. We researched a lot about brokers to assist customers in taking the right decision.

We suggest investors stay away from this broker and go for the genuine one. If you have been a victim of IG Global scam or any other broker, do not feel embarrassed. 

Victims of forex scams, cryptocurrency scams, binary scams, pet scams, dating/romance scams, or any number of scams should raise their voices and get their funds recovered. This will not only help them but all the victims who are struggling to get their deposits back. Apart from this, it will also help other people to be alert to such scammers and scams.

File a complaint against IG Global fraud right now and get instant help from our team in fund recovery!

Get help in forex scam recovery, crypto scam recovery, binary scam recovery, romance scam recovery, and also get a free consultation. Also, check VS FX Review.

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Note: Scam Victims Help has extensively researched the IG Global Review and found several red flags that every trader should be aware of. Read our IG Global review today to learn everything you need to know about this broker before signing up.