HengryFX review is collected after a lot of effort and we finally concluded that the traders should not invest with HengryFX broker since their investments may not be safe with HengryFX. 

The main motive of Scam Victims Help is to identify the scam brokers in the market and let the traders know about their scam activities. We warn traders to stay away from scam brokers if they want to keep their hard-earned money safe from scams.

Broker Website – hengryfx.net, hengry-fx.com, hengryfx.com, hengryltd.com

Headquarters or Area of Operation – 2308 E 34th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5R 2S7, Canada

Warnings – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom), Ontario Securities Commission (Ontario)

When was the HengryFX website domain set up?

Domain Namehengryltd.com
Date RegisteredDecember 05, 2021
Domain Age10 months, 6 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes, 29 seconds

HengryFX Review

HengryFX is a brand that is operated by Hengry Global Capital Limited (HGCL). HGCL came into existence in the year 2010. Two addresses are mentioned, one is 52 – 250, Consumers Road, North York, Ontario, Canada, and another is 2308, E, 34th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5R 2S7, Canada. Read our HengryFX review to discover more about the broker.

HengryFX review: websites

The company operates many websites like hengryfx.net, hengryltd.com, hengry-fx.com, and hengryfx.com in different regions, but none of them are operating. There are many phone numbers where they can be contacted: +18452851858, +15592358848, +17785612160, +17786015944, and +17785612160. The mobile numbers of a few officers are 07849316783, 07868721009, and 07868774364. Their operational email IDs are cs@hengry-fx.com and cs@hengryfx.com.

It seems the scammer has abandoned the above-mentioned websites and schemes because they have attracted the attention of traders and regulatory authorities. Abandoning the website and its clients is sufficient proof that HengryFX is not a licensed and regulated broker as it claims to be.

On its website, it lists three different firms. HengryFX UK Limited (England and Wales), HengryFX Financial Services Limited (Cyprus), and HengryFX Global Markets Ltd. (Bahamas).HengryFX is allegedly registered with the respective authorities but is not a licensed broker in any of the countries mentioned.

HengryFX review: regulation

Broker HengryFX claims to be registered in Canada (MSB) and the USA (NFA). The site claims to be licensed by Money Services Business in Canada and the National Futures Association in the USA. Here is the catch. To trade in Canada, one has to be registered by the IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada). For trading in the USA, one has to be registered by CFTC and should be a member of NFA.

Hengry FX is not listed among the regulated company in the IIROC register. The NFA register shows that Hengry FX is not a member. In short, it cannot provide financial services either in Canada or in the USA.

HengryFXshows itself as an award-winning forex broker. It claims to have experience of more than a decade in the trading field. 

They also claim they are playing a leading role in primarily changing the online trading industry. These are simply boasted by the broker to improve the image. Its website is full of false, incorrect, and misleading information.

HengryFX review: trading platform

HengryFX claims to offer MT5 as its trading platform. MT5 is the most widely used trading platform worldwide. On the home page, we discovered that there are no download links for MT5 available. Going one step further, we doubt if the software is unauthorized or pirated.

HengryFX review: account types

There are five types of accounts. They are Standard, Premium, Prime, VIP, and Super VIP. It is unclear what the minimum amount is to be deposited in the account.

HengryFX review: deposits and withdrawals

Cryptocurrency is the only available deposit method. The selected ones are,Bitcoin, Tether, and Etherium. Commonly used payment methods and modes are not available. Scammers prefer accepting deposits in cryptocurrency because these transfers are non-trackable and non-refundable.

Why not trade with HengryFX?

  • The regulation status is not clear.
  • There are many websites, but none is working.
  • Officials at HengryFX encourage you to install remote maintenance software on your device.
  • Through remote maintenance software, the company can gain access to your online banking details.
  • It is suspected that it is using a pirated or unauthorized version of MetaTrader 5 software. It cannot be downloaded through the link given on the site.
  • The website is manipulated or handled to show profitable trades in the initial stages of trades.
  • Warnings were issued by BCSC (Canada) and FCA (United Kingdom).

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