Introduction –

The increasing forex scams have to lead to self-awareness among the traders and investors. The investors are now required to go through the research process themselves and find out if the particular broker is good enough to give them profits and help in the wealth generation. To do so, reviews are the best solution to learn about the broker. It gives a clear insight into the broker and its works. Let’s go through one such scam broker, Hengry Global Capital Limited review and know about the broker in detail. This review will definitely help you in deciding the correct option for your investments.

Hengry Global Capital Limited Review –

Founded in the year 2010, Hengry Global Capital Limited has its office in Canada. The broker is addressed at 52- 250 CONSUMERS ROAD NORTH YORK, ON, CANADA M2J4V6. However, it has been verified by several researchers that the broker does not possess any license from the legit financial authority or regulator. The Hengry claims to offer the forex currency pairs, metals, futures, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies to the investors. The lack of regulation status of the broker is a clear indication that it could be a potential scam and the funds of the clients are subject to risk and not safe.

Minimum Deposits Offered –

Most of the traders ask their clients to deposit a minimum of $250, whereas, in this scenario, Hengry has not made clear the minimum amount to be deposited. The absence of this information creates a doubt in the mind of investors on whether to believe it or not.

Trading Platform –

The trading platform offered by the Hengry is the MT5 trading platform. This platform is the most popular and widely used amongst investors. Available in iPhone, Android, and PC, this platform provides advanced technical analysis tools. It is accepted by millions of traders and helps them in their trading strategies.

Deposit and Withdrawal –

The Hengry Global Capital Limited again does not specify its payment methods. Most of the broker allows wire transfer, debit/credit card, etc for the process but this broker has not made any clear statement regarding its withdrawal and deposit process.

Spreads and Commissions-

Hengry Global Capital Limited claims to offer very tight spreads, although this information can’t is stated as true because of the absence of the detailed spread information on particular instruments. Again, the absence of clarity indicates that the broker is a good option to invest your funds with.

Leverage –

The leverage offered by Hengry Global Capital Limited is up to 1:400. It is relatively high as compared to other brokers. However, the new traders are not suggested to use too high leverage as it may increase the chances of losses.

Apart from all the points mentioned above, the negative Hengry Global Capital Limited review is mentioned on the online platforms stating how dissatisfied they are with the broker’s services. Also, the low rating specifies that the broker is not a good fit for your investment purpose.

Is Hengry Global Capital Limited Scam?

Choosing the right broker is a very important decision. Your profits and wealth depend on the relevancy of the broker. By reading the above-mentioned points, we can conclude the broker is a scam and we suggest you keep a distance from Hengry Global Capital Limited in order to ensure protection to your funds. Hengry Global Capital Limited scam can lead you to heavy fund losses and it is better to read the full review and learn about the broker in advance before investing your entire amount. If you are a victim of any scam such as forex scam, bitcoin scam, crypto scam, etc, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you out in regaining your lost funds back.

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