Greenfield Brokers Review: Is it a scam or legit?

Introduction to Greenfield Brokers Review:

Scam brokers pose a threat to everyone irrespective of the wealth they possess. The scam brokers hide behind the legitimate brokers and pretend to be like them. With various methods such as cold calls, irresistible offers, and mails, these scam brokers lure in their targets. Once the unsuspecting customers deposit money, these scam brokers find various ways to extract more money from them. When they reach this extent, these brokers either block the customer’s account or vanish without a trace.


Upon their website, Greenfield Brokers claims to be based out of Switzerland. However, there is no proof anywhere that can validate this statement of theirs. Upon further investigation outside their website, we came to know that Greenfield Brokers is not based in Switzerland but its real address was not available. This poses a red flag as the company is clearly lying about its address.

About the company:

Greenfield Brokers presents itself as a top-quality brokerage firm with specialization in Foreign Exchange trading and CFDs. The brokerage firm claims a lot of things on their website which they fail to deliver to their customers. With apparent customers from every corner of the world, Greenfield Brokers purports to provide their services in all the major countries. Read on to find out what red flags Greenfield Brokers poses and why.

Breaking down the claims:

Do Greenfield Brokers have a license?

Regulation is vital to operate legally in the financial market. The possession of a license makes the brokerage firm accountable for the money they have from the investors. In our case, Greenfield Brokers claims to have a license from the regulation of Switzerland. Upon checking, this claim came out to be false. The official website of FINMA, the regulation of Switzerland showed no license registered under Greenfield Brokers. Therefore, Greenfield Brokers is UNREGULATED.
Furthermore, Greenfield Brokers is owned and operated by another company by the name of M-Program. We were not able to decode more information about this parent company which makes it further suspicious as the company is clearly trying to hide something.

What trading platform do Greenfield Brokers use?

Greenfield Brokers does not state anything about their trading platform on the website. It might even be possible that the company does not let anyone register that easily as there is no provision on their website. It is suspected that the members of the company attract customers through other methods like cold calling.

What is the leverage offered by Greenfield Brokers?

Greenfield Brokers offers leverage ranging from 1:200 to 1:400 to the different account type holders. The readers must note that the average leverage offered in the financial market by legitimate brokers is capped at 1:30 and 1:50. This poses yet another red flag against Greenfield Brokers in this Greenfield Brokers review.

Conclusion: Is the Greenfield Brokers scam real?

With a minimum deposit of $250, Greenfield Brokers projects most of the signs of a scam broker. To sum up all the above-drawn points, we leave the liberty of deciding whether Greenfield Brokers is a scam or legit to you. We request our readers to be extra cautious if trading with Greenfield Brokers. If you have been scammed by Greenfield Brokers or any other scam broker, file a complaint right now and we will help you in the fund recovery by providing the best solutions.

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