Introduction to EOCFX Review:

Although scam brokers have been coming up with new tricks to fool the innocent and the unsuspecting traders in the financial market, some of their traits are still the same. With a seemingly simple logo that can be made by anyone and a faulty website, EOCFX is everything you should not be trading with. In this EOCFX review, we would be revealing all the problematic aspects that prove that EOCFX is a potential scam. If you intend to know what makes EOCFX a potential scam, read the full EOCFX review and make sure to share your thoughts and experience in the comments down below. If you have been scammed by EOCFX, stay tuned till the end and we will help you out!

About EOCFX:

In this section, we will be discussing all the red flags posed by EOCFX in this EOCFX review.

Is EOCFX regulated by any regulators?

On their website, EOCFX claims that the company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority commonly known as the FCA. The FCA is the regulation of the United Kingdom. Upon cross-checking with the FCA, we came to know that the regulation has actually issued a warning against EOCFX accusing the company of being a clone firm. The regulation further asks people to stay away from EOCFX as it is a potential scam. An unregulated firm is as dangerous as any other scam broker. We recommend our readers stay away from unregulated brokerage firms.

What trading platform does EOCFX offer?

To access the trading software was nearly impossible for us. While on the website, we could find no traces of how to register ourselves. Furthermore, When we proceeded to download the trading software mentioned by them, the download link was even more problematic and posed more risk. From this, it is clear that EOCFX clearly has some bad intentions. We do not recommend our dear readers to download any such trading software that may cause harm to the device and the important information on the devices as these files might contain viruses and malware.

What are the specific deposits by EOCFX?

Strangely, EOCFX does not reveal any kind of information on the withdrawal and deposit fees that are demanded by the company. As strange as this may sound, a closer look revealed that the company actually doesn’t make a lot of information available to the public. This is extremely problematic as a brokerage firm should always make the basic information available to their customers and the public. If the company is hiding it, it is a big red flag.

Conclusion: Is EOCFX a scam broker or legitimate?

To sum up, all that has been stated above, we can say that EOCFX is a potential scammer. We recommend our readers stay away from EOCFX as it is unregulated. If you have been scammed by EOCFX, file a complaint by filling the form given above and we will get back to you with the best solutions possible for fund recovery.

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