Scams often look as real as anything else. Scammers guarantee you make your money and offer the profit. In return, they end up taking your money or personal information. A number of scams, related to crypto and forex are run by scammers. These scammers are well versed in how to gain the trust of the investor and deceive them. It is incredibly difficult to recognize and differentiate between the real and clear picture of the firm you are involved with. And to help you out, there exist some professional and experienced agencies whose only motive is to protect you from fraud and reward you back with your hard-earned money.


Crypto Scam News of Europe-

In Europe, the number of fraudsters has been increasing day by day for online cryptocurrency investment scams. Hundreds of people were fallen for this trap by the six suspects in Europe. Later on, arrested in a connection with a €30 million online cryptocurrency scam. These scammers are not new but are engaged in a well-planned strategy to fool the clients and run away with the money.


A financial firm, known as Finiko was being investigated by the Russian police in June. Finiko was suspected to be involved in the series on Ponzi schemes. It was estimated that it has scammed the crypto that is equal to the value of $95 million from their victims. As a result, the three of Finikos founders were arrested in July and the remaining two were put on the most wanted list in August.


Therefore, in August the British detectives have seized a USB stick that was containing $9.5 million worth of ethereum. Along with this, $12.7 million in crypto was seized after the police have gained the right to access the code to cryptograph safety deposit box. This lead to the arrest of two suspects and the closedown of their websites. However, efforts are still being made so that the right owners can get their crypto assets back.


There are several other large numbers of groups that have been accused and suspected of scamming the people. One of them is Nimbuz, which ran a crypto-related Ponzi scheme. Reports state that it has achieved more than 136 Euros million from more than 4,000 investors. The other being the Algorithms Group, that have gained more than 280 Euros million from over 300 investors itself. Various other groups were also involved such as Kuailian and Arbistar for money laundering etc. Being an exceptionally larger group, it is difficult to recognize the scams from these good sites and firms. Their professional operation creates trust in the mind of investors.



Although scammers do exist in the market, law enforcement agencies are not quite. These agencies are highly involved in investigating and cracking hackers and scammers. These agencies, with their experience and expert knowledge, tend to solve the case in the most appropriate and legit manner. They help the crypto owners in returning back their lost funds. By using all their powers and techniques, they are ready to serve you justice. No matter how big the scam is, the scammers always get their reward.

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