Introduction to Cash FX Group Review:

The scam brokers in the financial market just seem to be increasing by the day. With hundreds of innocent victims getting their money stolen by these brutal scammers every day, there is not much for the regulations to do. This is where financial watchdogs like us come to play. With the sole duty to protect our readers from falling into a potential scam and helping the scammed victims by providing fund recovery solutions, we are all that you need. In this review of Cash FX Group, we will be discussing all the red flags posted by the company despite claiming to be the best in service. If you are here to know whether Cash FX Group is a scam or not, read till the end and you will know the truth about the Cash FX Group scam.

About Cash FX Group:

In this section, we will be specifically discussing all the problematic parts of Cash FX Group.

Is Cash FX Group regulated by any of the regulators?

Upon searching on the website of Cash FX Group, we found out that even though the company claims to be regulated by the respective regulations of their jurisdiction, all of it soon was realized as lies. We were unable to find any license or other proof indicating that Cash FX Group is regulated. Upon checking with the regulations, we soon realized that Cash FX Group is UNREGULATED as no regulation has issued a license for Cash FX Group. This is a major red flag against the Cash FX Group scam in this Cash FX Group review.

Is Cash FX Group blacklisted by any regulation?

To make matters worse for Cash FX Group, we have some more bad news. Upon checking with the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA regarding the license of Cash FX Group. We were notified that Cash FX Group is blacklisted by the FCA. In the statement issued by them, they have asked the customers of the financial market to be extremely careful of this brokerage firm and have also stated that Cash FX Group is unregulated.

What is the trading platform offered by Cash FX Group?

Regulated brokerage firms offer trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. However, that’s not the case with Cash FX Group. Cash FX Group does not even mention the type of trading platform they use. At this moment, we are unsure whether they even went through the process of providing their customers with a trading platform as Cash FX Group did not let us register with their company without a referral link. This poses a severe red flag in this Cash FX Group review.

Conclusion: Is Cash FX Group a scam broker or legit?

To conclude all that has been stated above, it can be made clear to all of us that Cash FX Group is a potential scam. We recommend our valuable readers not to trade or invest with Cash FX Group. If you have been scammed by Cash FX Group, file a complaint with us right now!

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