Introduction to AssetsHaus review:

Unlike many other scam brokers who spend the least time preparing the website, AssetsHausseems to have invested some time in preparing the website to fool as many people as it can. With a well-structured website and an easy user interface, for a moment we also mistook AssetsHaus for a legitimate brokerage firm. However, the red flags possessed by AssetsHaus are enough to make you realize that AssetsHaus is much more dangerous than one could have thought. If you are here with the intention of finding out whether AssetsHaus is a scam broker or a legitimate broker, read our full AssetsHaus review and decide by yourself. Make sure to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments down below. If you have been scammed by AssetsHaus, stay tuned till the end and we have a solution for you as well.

About AssetsHaus:

In this section, we will be discussing all the red flags hoisted by AssetsHaus.

Is AssetsHaus regulated by any of the regulators?

To check whether the company is regulated, we visited their website. AssetsHaus claims on their website that they are regulated by a variety of regulations. However, the only problem here is that AssetsHaus doesn’t exactly state the names of the regulations or the license numbers. Upon checking with the regulations, we found out that AssetsHaus has just been lying about their regulation and in reality AssetsHaus is UNREGULATED. The lie that AssetsHaus has blatantly broadcasted on their website is just another way to lure in customers who wouldn’t bother cross-checking with the regulations to make sure if the company is actually regulated. We recommend our readers always cross-check with the regulations to know whether the brokerage firm is actually telling the truth.

What is the leverage offered by AssetsHaus?

AssetsHaus offers leverage of 1:500 to their customers. Even though this might seem like a good offer, it will actually do you more harm than good. High leverages often come with uncalled-for risks in the trade that might lead the trader into losing all of their money. This is the reason why many countries put a limit on the leverage that can be offered in their countries. This is another red flag against the AssetsHaus scam in this AssetsHaus review.

What is the trading software provided by AssetsHaus?

The trading software provided by AssetsHaus creates yet another red flag in this AssetsHaus review against the AssetsHaus scam. The trading software that is offered by AssetsHaus is the exact same trading software that is offered by many other scam brokers. This makes it more clear that AssetsHaus has other intentions.

Conclusion: Is AssetsHaus a scam or legitimate?

To sum up, all that has been stated above, we can say that AssetsHaus is a potential scam. If you have been scammed by AssetsHaus, no need to worry at all. Just file a complaint with us by filling the form given above and we will reply with the apt solutions to get your money back.

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