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Broker Name – AreaTrading

Broker Website –

Headquarters or Area of Operation – United Kingdom

Warnings – Finansinspektionen (Sweden)

AreaTrading Review: Introduction

AreaTrading is an anonymous scam investment broker. They claim to be an online broker but there is no information on its website regarding owners, executive staff members, regulation status, etc. To know more about the AreaTrading scam, continue reading our AreaTrading review.

AreaTrading Review: Regulation

The most important thing is the regulation of the broker/company. Nowhere on the website does it claim that it is a regulated entity. It is a major red flag for investors/traders. On reading the terms and conditions we see that the site is governed by Estonian governing laws. Estonian law will apply to all users.

AreaTrading Review: Platform

Let us start with the trading platform AreaTrading has to offer. It offers a WebTrader platform claiming it to be user-friendly and intuitive. But the fact is it is the same platform that is used hundreds of times by many other scams/fake/bogus brokers. As such the platform has no special features like social trading or EAs. Nowadays most brokers use MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 as it provides more indicators and charts. It is a more advanced and helpful version as compared to WebTrader. 

AreaTrading Review: Website

They claim that you can put your trading practice and gain from it. They have the expertise and the technology; to offer customized guidance and advice to keep the investor/trader on the right trading track. The ambition of the trader/investor is a strong motivation for them.

They try to make the whole trading process simpler. They claim to have many success stories, trading with their experts. Reviews on different sites claim otherwise. Investors/traders can personalize their trading experience with trading infrastructure. Investors/traders can create wealth through experts of AreaTrading staff.

The trading terminology is easy to understand with them. Everything is explained in easy terms and simple words. Account managers and financial advisors are there to help traders/investors. But, sadly they have not mentioned their profile of them on their website.

The owner of the website is not mentioned anywhere on their website nor are their accounts managers or financial advisors.

Their physical location is not mentioned anywhere on the website.

AreaTrading Review: Contact Details

Anyone can contact AreaTrader through phone no +44 203 097 6318 or email them at One can also contact them through the online form.

AreaTrading Review: Accounts

Instead of types of accounts offered they mentioned it as investing level. To begin with there are three ‘investing levels’. Beginner level starts at $250. The intermediate level is for $2,500 and Advanced level starts from $25,000. No demo account to test the water before taking a plunge.

There is a welcoming bonus and affiliate program through ‘refer a friend.

AreaTrading Apps

Apps like Team Viewer and AnyDesk are remote Apps which AreaTrader abuses when control is given to them. Trading Apps are for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

AreaTrading Review: Trading assets

AreaTrading offers different asset classes to trade with. They are stocks, commodities, metals, oil, and money pairs.

Why not trade with an AreaTrading scam broker?

  • AreaTrader’s regulation status is shady.
  • If by chance, something goes wrong with the company, no compensation for traders/investors.
  • They are not transparent and lack giving crucial data on the website. The owner and chief financial advisor’s profile is missing.
  • Physical location is not mentioned anywhere on the website.
  • The client’s funds are not segregated.
  • Offshore brokers have dirty tricks up their sleeves and employ shady tactics to lure investors/traders.
  • Withdrawal of bonuses requires high turnover (25 times the deposit amount), which is virtually not possible.
  • Negative reviews are covered up by many self-made positive reviews.
  • Operating software (platform) WebTrader, is old and can be comprised.
  • Spreads are very high, at 3 pips, and are not profitable for the client. Even the leverage offered is very high (1:200).

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